Two Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Chocolate granola


4 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp maple syrup
200g kind sized porridge oats
100g blended nuts, generally cleaved
75ml full-fat milk (per serving

This simple breakfast is filling and brimming with fiber – a great other option
to sugary breakfast grains.

1 Preheat the stove to 170˚C/fan 150˚C/Gas 3.
2 Melt the coconut oil with the cocoa powder and maple syrup in a huge
non-stick pot over a delicate warmth, mixing routinely.
3 Remove from the warmth and mix in the oats until altogether covered. Disperse
uniformly over a preparing plate and heat for 15 minutes.
4 Remove from the stove and mix in the nuts. Come back to the stove for a further
10 minutes.
5 Remove from the stove and leave to cool and fresh upon the plate.
6 Serve 40g granola with 75ml milk per individual.


* Store in a sealed shut container for as long as about fourteen days.
Present with full-fat live Greek yogurt rather, yet make sure to alter the calories. The 75ml full-fat milk contains 47cals. Non-dairy milk can be utilized and the calories determined independently.
* Buy your nuts prepared blended or slash your own determination.

Pear and cinnamon porridge

30g enormous porridge oats
One Conference pear (around 135g), stripped, cored and generally hacked
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
75ml full-fat milk
5g toasted chopped almonds (around 2 tsp)

A consoling and filling breakfast. You can substitute the pear with a
ground apple, in the event that you like.

1 Place the oats, pear, and cinnamon into a little non-stick pot. Pour in
the milk and 120ml water and cook over low–medium warmth for 5–6
minutes, mixing always, or until the oats are relaxed and smooth.

2 Pour into a profound bowl and disperse with the chopped almonds to serve.


* In the event that you can’t discover prepared toasted almonds, toast your own in a dry broiling dish over low warmth for 1–2 minutes, mixing normally; or just top with the untoasted kind.



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